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How to Take HDR Photos with a Canon Rebel

The Canon Rebel DSLR is the most widely used DSLR today. Some of the best HDR photographers use this camera. It’s affordable, versatile and not over-burdened with features. Follow the following directions to get started taking HDR pictures:

  1. Set the Shooting Mode to P
  2. Set the Multiple Exposure/Self timer button to Multiple ExposuresCanon Rebel Multiple Exposure Button
  3. In the Menu, scroll right one frame to the (Camera icon) 2 menu.
  4. The first setting is AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing). Select this setting and use the right directional button to widen the bracketing to the widest setting. It should now have a white indicator under -2, under 0, and under +2.Canon Rebel AEB setting menu
  5. Put your camera on a sturdy tripod. Frame your composition. Press and hold the shutter button (to take the pictures). When it has taken all three pictures release the shutter button.

Now you need to process the photos using HDR Software.

12 Responses to “How to Take HDR Photos with a Canon Rebel”

  1. Joe says:

    this has been a great help. thank you.

  2. Anuradha says:

    Wow immediate improvement!

  3. Jason says:

    I’m sure I would have figured this out but it would have taken much longer than the 10 seconds that it took with this little guide. Thanks!

  4. Brad says:

    Just to echo the first sentiment; thank you for the information in such a straight-forward context!

  5. An Attempt at HDR Photography | Our Neusletter says:

    […] Bracketing setting to take -2EV, 0EV, and +2EV pictures automatically at 3 fps (full instructions here).  However, as long as your camera allows you to adjust the exposure settings, you can create […]

  6. marina says:

    this is so good and very easy to understand. Thank you

  7. max says:


    my first HDR^^^

  8. Don Karstedt says:

    My HDR software wants 5 exposures. Can the rebel be configured to take 5 pictures instead of 3?

  9. Dave says:

    The advice here is not entirely accurate. The camera should not be set to P. It should be set to Av, Aperture Prioirty.

    The reason for this is so that only exposure time changes for each of the bracketed exposures. If Aperture changes, then the depth of field will change and this will degrade your final result.

    Be sure to set the aperture so that the bracketed shots will be at acceptable speeds.

  10. Dave says:

    The Rebel should be able to be set up to offset the 3 bracketed exposures so that you get a total of 5 different exposures.

    You can get -4, -2 and 0 in one set, then 0, +2 and +4 in the next. Delete one of the 0 Ev shots to give you five at a step of 2 ev.

  11. Kyle Karlin says:

    I have the Canon EOS 50D I was wondering what are the best settings to use for HDR photography? Also what is the best AF mode, my guess is One-Shot is best. I am not sure.

  12. E. costin says:

    Thank you very made it easy.

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