How To HDR Photo Tutorial

Download the how to take HDR tutorial instantly online now!

Storm Chasing: 10 HDR tips by Paul Nuttall

Paul has a lot of very good points in his guide for 10 Top Tips for Stunning HDR pictures. He covers a lot of topics that are in the How To Take HDR Photos ebook,  like always using a tripod when possible, taking pictures with a lot of contrast in the lighting, and even a quick quide to create an HDR and tone-map in Photoshop!

Realistic Landscape Photography

Richard Bernabe has written a great article on ways to get the most realistic results from your nature photography. He cover’s lost dimension, color consistency, dynamic range, tonal responce, and depth of field. These are all little things that go a long way to creating a beautiful HDR picture.

Seeing what’s there by Richard Bernabe

Qtpfsgui: Free HDR Software Download

Qtpfsgui is an HDR program that allows you to merge and tone-map HDR photos. It isn’t as simple as Photomatix but has the potential to create very similar results. If you’re new to HDR photography and are not sure about buying software at first, this is your best option.

First, download the application file for your opperating system at the Qtpfsgui website here.

For Windows you will need the lated Windows DLL Package V4 to run the program which you can download from the Qtpfsgui website here.

For Mac OS X, you will need to download QT4 to run the program which you can download here.

The interface is a bit confusing but with enough experimentation you will be able to create HDR photos without buying any additional software. For those of you looking for something that is easier to use and still very affordable, check out our guide to using Photomatix.

It’s Ready! The How To Take HDR Photography Tutorial eBook is online!

After the last two years offering up as much support as I can through email and in person for friends and web visitors alike, my first ebook, “How To Take HDR Photography” is finished and available for purchase! It took me over a year to write and edit the book, which would have gone much faster if I had not been so busy at work! Now for a bit of marketing speak:

How To Take HDR Photos is a new eBook that simplifies the process of taking HDR pictures so that anyone can do it. You will learn everything you need to know from What Camera to Buy, to Advanced Editing Techniques. All you need is a digital camera and HDR software. With this simple guide you will be taking HDR photos in no time!

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Solar Eclipse HDR Pictures

On August 1, 2008 a total solar eclipse occurred in the nothern hemisphere. Photographer Hartwig Luethenis is a true leader in the field of high dynamic range imaging. He used 28 exposures of the eclipse at different lighting intervals, resulting in an image that shows the full corona around the sun as well as the surface of the moon. Not only did he post his amazing photo on Nasa’s Astronomy Picture of the Day website, but he also wrote a tutorial about how it was made.

For another great tutorial on taking hdr pictures of an eclipse there is Catching the Light by Jerry Lodriguss.

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