How To HDR Photo Tutorial

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HDR Photos from Maui taken with the Sony NEX 7

I just returned from Maui, Hawaii where I got to use the Sony NEX 7 mirror-less micro four thirds camera to take a lot of bracketed photos to create HDR images with. Out of the box the camera offers 3 stop, -/+7ev, which can be expanded to -/+3ev with a firmware update. I’ve been busy our tour making videos using the 5DmkII for the last few years. This was the first time I’ve made some HDR images in a while. Check them out below!


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[Video] How to take HDR Photos with Nikon D50

Over at they created a great video tutorial for how to take an HDR photo with a Nikon D50.

How to Take HDR Photos with a Canon Rebel

The Canon Rebel DSLR is the most widely used DSLR today. Some of the best HDR photographers use this camera. It’s affordable, versatile and not over-burdened with features. Follow the following directions to get started taking HDR pictures:

  1. Set the Shooting Mode to P
  2. Set the Multiple Exposure/Self timer button to Multiple ExposuresCanon Rebel Multiple Exposure Button
  3. In the Menu, scroll right one frame to the (Camera icon) 2 menu.
  4. The first setting is AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing). Select this setting and use the right directional button to widen the bracketing to the widest setting. It should now have a white indicator under -2, under 0, and under +2.Canon Rebel AEB setting menu
  5. Put your camera on a sturdy tripod. Frame your composition. Press and hold the shutter button (to take the pictures). When it has taken all three pictures release the shutter button.

Now you need to process the photos using HDR Software.

Canon 40D Details Revealed

A few days ago accidentally posted the updated specs for the new Canon 40D. The new camera has a much faster rapid shot that should improve the Automated Exposure Bracketing (AEB) setting for taking HDR pictures much quicker. Read the full details on Engadget.

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